House Wines


Terre al sole Bianco Salento IGT (Puglia)

Dry, lively and well balanced to the palate

Bottle £13.95      |      75ml glass £3.95      |      250ml glass £4.95


Terre al sole Primitivo Salento (Puglia)

Elegant, full bodied and well balanced

Bottle £13.95      |      175ml glass £3.95      |      250ml glass £4.95

White Wines

Sauvignon Blanc El Cadajo (Chile)

Dry, fresh with citrus character, delicate minerality.

Bottle £19.95      |      75ml glass £4.95      |      250ml glass £6.95



Chardonnay The Spee Wah House Boat (Austrailia)

Crisp and delicate with ripe fruit aromas.

Bottle £18.95



Orvieto Classico Abbocato (Umbria)

A medium sweet wine with a floral nose. harmonious and delicious.

Bottle £18.95



Pinot Grigio delle Venezie

Borgo Magredo (Friuli)

A captivating fruity bouquet with scents of pear and

banana, very refreshing and soft in the mouth.

Bottle £18.95      |      175ml glass £4.95      |      250ml glass £6.95



Gavi de Gavi D.O.C.G Conti di Alari (Piedmonte)

Straw yellow in colour, with a delicately aromatic nose, a crisp and floral palate

Bottle £21.95



Ista' Ca' de Rocchi (Veneto)

A blend of Pinot Bianco and Pinot Grigio. Fresh and clean with white flowers and pear


Bottle £18.95

Rose Wines

Rosato del Salento (Puglia)

A fruity nose with hints of cherry. In the mouth

it is light, refreshing and crisp

Bottle £15.95      |      175ml glass £4.55      |      250ml glass £5.95

Zinfandel Blush Kissing the Tree (California, USA)

Medium dry and full of summer fruit.

Bottle £18.95      |      175ml glass £4.95      |      250ml glass £6.95

Red Wines

Merlot Collevento 921 (Venezia)

Smooth with plummy fruit and a hint of spice with a pleasing rounded finish.

Bottle £17.95     |     175ml glass £4.75     |     250ml glass £6.75




Sangiovese (Sicilia)

A refreshing red wine made with Sangiovese, delightfully fragrant and with an inviting nose of cherries and spices.


Bottle £18.95     |     175ml glass £4.75     |     250ml glass £6.75




Shiraz IGT Colletara (Lazio)

Brilliant ruby red with spicy aromas and subtle hints

of ripe wild berries


Bottle £15.95




Chianti Classico, Rocca della Macie (Toscana)

Complex aromas with notes of cherries and spices. Good texture and balance


Bottle £21.95


Malbec Argento (Argentina)

From the Mendoza region, aged in oak. Rich complex flavours with a soft texture.

Bottle £19.95




Gran Maestro Appassmento (Puglia)

A full bodied red with a fruity nose. Smooth with a long finish.



Bottle £19.95




Valpolicella Rocca Sveva Superiore (Veneto)

Refined, very smooth classic fruit. Good concentration of flavours.


Bottle £21.95

Sparkling Wine and Champagne

Prosecco DOC

The bouquet is full of floral notes and hints of

fresh fruit. A fresh, inviting and fruity taste.

Bottle £24.95      |      Small Bottle £6.95




Spumante Rose Dry

A delightfully fresh and bubbly sparkling rose.


Bottle £21.95




Champagne Veuve Lorinet

Probably the world's leading name in Champagne.


Bottle £45.95